Abstract Urban Landscapes

These are works that focus on a conceptual element, visual aesthetics and experimental painting techniques.

The manufacture of dried sheets of acrylic paint, or ‘paint skins’, are somewhat industrial-like and are adhered to canvas as a form of collage. Stencils of text derived from the urban landscape (using spray enamels) and photographic images (embedded into an acrylic ‘skin’) are later applied to the surface.

Fragmented and layered texts illustrate the ideas of language, human culture, time, age, decomposition and mortality. The representative aesthetic of the urban landscape portrays the importance placed upon the ever expanding influence upon the natural environment. The question is asked as to the extent we are willing to sacrifice the natural world in the name of ‘progress’.  

A Sunburnt Country 2020 112 x 150cm
Busy Body (Mark 7) 2020 115 x 150cm