Acrylic On Canvas

These paintings incorporate the use of  multi-layered coloured glazes which have a different effect upon the eye than a flat paint, almost resembling a stained glass window.

Regent Bowerbird 2019 48 x 53cm
White-bellied Sea-Eagle 2020 46 x 46cm
Grey Falcon 2020 49 x 49cm
Crimson Rosella 49cm x 45cm
Crimson Rosella 2019 49 x 45cm SOLD
Blue-faced Honeyeater 2020 43 x 49cm
Acrylic birdlife by Michael Jeffery Regent Parrot 44cm x 44cm
Regent Parrot 2019 44 x 44cm
Zebra Finch 2020 46cm x 46cm - acrylic birdlife by Michael Jeffery
Zebra Finch 2020 46 x 46cm