The following articles have been published in the media about the artist:

Jena Woodburn
Industrial evolution
The Independent Weekly, October 31 – November 6, 2008, p 29.

Daniel Bloom
Artistic Dreamer
The Weekly Magazine, Issue 20, 14 June 2008, p 2-3.

Adam Dutkiewicz
Exploring the archaeology of modern life
The Independent Weekly, April 14-20, 2007, p 31.

Kirsty De Garis
Collage course
Belle Magazine, October/November Issue 2006, pp 70-80

Introducing… Michael Jeffery
The Adelaide Magazine (The Advertiser), November 2006, p 9.

Helen O’Neill
When insurer-turned-gallery-owner Richard Martin reflected on turning 50, he liked what he saw.
The Australian Wish Magazine, 7 April 2006, p 18.